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White Outdoor Lawn Mowers

White Outdoors makes an automatic drive riding lawn mower (lawn tractor).  Let's take a look at what a White Outdoor mower does for you and your lawn.


White Outdoor Automatic Drive Lawn Tractor

Compared to their peers, these mowers are in the bottom half.  They deliver good lawn evenness of cut and mulching, very good handling, ease of use and side discharging but only fair bagging.  Expect to pay $2000 for a White Outdoor mower.


Overall White Outdoor Review

White Outdoor mowers are priced on the high side and deliver performance on the low side.  If you want to bag, there are other mowers that do a better job.  You can get a better performer lawn mower in another brand and pay hundreds of dollars less. 


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Best Rated Lawn Mowers

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