Best Rated Lawn Mowers

Best Rated Lawn Mowers

Welcome to Best Rated Lawn Mowers! You want a nice lawn and a nice mower. We are here to show you the top rated lawn mowers, give a review of lawn mowers, and help provide a consumer report on lawn mowers. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a lawn mower, riding lawn tractor or a riding mower - or buying a new or a used lawn mower - getting the right information ahead of time is key to making the correct purchasing decision.  Keep coming back to our site as we keep it updated with new information as it becomes available.  Our goal is to get you the best lawn by providing lawn care tips and up to date info on how to buy lawn equipment, be it a walk behind mower or riding lawn mower or tractor mowers.  We even have info for those who want to go green!



Lawn and Mower Articles

Here are links to our library of articles on lawns and mowers.  We update it as the season and your needs and interests change.  Just click on the blue link to go to the full article and the page with all the articles in addition to the ones listed here. 

How Much Lawn Fertilizer Does My Yard Need?

The good news is you can measure the width and depth of your lawn, multiply...

Do My Lawn Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

Keep in mind a lawn mower blade is suppose to cut your grass, not beat it into submission. A sharp blade...

Lawn Mower Buying Guide

  1. Top Rated Lawn Mowers - Our exclusive free list of the nation's top rated lawn mowers available.
  2. Your Ideal Lawn Mower - A listing of the best rated lawn mowers, listed in the categories that are ideal for you, i.e., mulching, bagging, etc.. 
  3. Best Performers for the Least Money - The mowers we think are the best buy in each category, i.e., push, self-propelled, riding, etc.

Lawn Mower Makes and Models

  1. Ariens - an old name in landscaping equipment that makes a mid priced zero turn mower that has below middle performance.
  2. Craftsman - Sears and Craftsman have been with us for a long time.  Their walk behind models are in the bottom half of your choices.  But their tractors are in the top half.
  3. Cub Cadet - Their walk behinds are so-so performers and their tractors vary from some of the worse to one of the best.
  4. John Deere - Their walk behind is overpriced - but you could buy almost any of their tractors and be happy.
  5. Honda - Buy any of their walk behinds and you'll be happy.
  6. Husqvarna - midrange performers in a walk behind but great performers in lawn tractors.
  7. Lawn Boy - Buy any of their walk behinds and you'll be happy.
  8. Snapper - Walk behinds are lower half performers - zero turn tractors are midrange performers.
  9. Toro - They make one of the best walk behinds and some of the best zero turn lawn tractors.
  10. Troy Bilt - For years we have known them for their tillers.  But they make a low price entry into the zero turn riding mower competition.
  11. White Outdoor - you don't find them everywhere, but they are in the lawn tractor ( riding lawn mower) business.
  12. Yard Man - Known mostly for their walk behind mowers, they do make one of the lower priced riding mowers.

Use our website to find the top rated lawn mowers and lawn tractors.  Before the grass begins to grow, do your research and start looking for the best deal lawn mower or tractor.  Spend more time now, less money later and enjoy the beauty of a beautiful lawn.  The lawn mower research we do for you will help you make the right buying decision.  Enjoy!


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Best Rated Lawn Mowers

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